Frequently Asked Questions

Why go to a therapist?
The main advantage for a person is the opportunity to examine – in a private, confidential and non judgemental setting - personal experiences that are proving too difficult, too distressing or too confusing in his/her life.
Beginning to talk about what causes you suffering is the first and often most difficult step in healing.
Can it help me?
Yes – if you consider finding a deeper and clearer understanding of your experiences and problems useful. Often the choices needed to bring about change are hidden by inner turmoil or worry. A therapist can support you in finding a way through and past these experiences.
What does it cost?
Fees can vary.
Most training institutes offer reduced cost appointments with their students.
Many individual therapists also provide reduced rates for clients.
The average fee is currently between €65 to €80 per one-hour session.
Reduced cost fees with students begin at €20 per session - negotiable.
How often and for how long will I attend?
Usually the process requires a regular appointment (session) made for the same time weekly or in some cases fortnightly.
The length of time overall can depend on a number of variables including the severity of the experience or behaviour a person is attempting to understand and change.
What happens in a first session?
Initially the therapist will try to understand what the difficulties are which bring you into therapy and to discover what you are hoping to achieve through making use of therapy.
A contract is agreed between both about times, fees, confidentiality and any questions you may have for the therapist regarding how he or she works can be asked. The therapist will be happy to address any questions you bring.
Does it work?
Yes. Change is never easy. Confusion, caused by personal suffering, is often a source of what prevents us seeing beyond where we are. The therapy process can be very successful in supporting a person to face hurt and its effects and to dare to attempt finding ways to change these effects.