Introductory Weekends - The Body within the Therapeutic Relationship Course

Photo of the Cerith Centre

Introductory weekend – Here you will meet the facilitators and other therapists interested in developing and exploring a reliable theory & skills approach to inclusion of the body within the therapy relationship.

You will be introduced to the ideas of Wilhelm Reich – commonly recognised as the forerunner of most modern body work approaches, and those of Alexander Lowen whose development of Reich’s theories has spread throughout the world as Bioenergetics.

You will be challenged to look differently at your client’s physical form and learn how to make sense of what you are seeing and experiencing.

You will be given an opportunity, in an experiential framework, to explore what you are discovering and share this in discussion with others.

You may experience a range of responses over the two days including surprise, suspense, recognition, discovery, excitement, connection and most importantly humour.

You will have the time to ask any questions about developing further and be introduced to the five weekend Skills & Theory Development course we are making available later in the year.


Dates Future dates to be announced
Time 10.30a.m. - 5.00p.m.
Cost Cost for weekend €175.00 including a booking deposit of €25.00 *
Venue Cherith Centre, Carmelite Monastery, Firhouse, Dublin 24.

* Deposit is non-refundable if a place is offered and accepted.

Light refreshments - tea and coffee are available

Facilitator Profile

Paddy Logan MIAHIP

Photo of Paddy Logan

He trained in Humanistic & Integrative psychotherapy and provides individual and group psychotherapy, supervision and consultancy services.

As a trainer and facilitator he has extensive experience with group process work throughout Ireland. Formerly on the staff of the Institute for Creative Counselling and Psychotherapy, the Tivoli Institute Dun Laoghaire, the Irish Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies at Turning Point and the Dublin Business School.

He is an accredited supervisor with IAHIP and maintains an extensive private practice.

Deirdre Collins MIAHIP, MICP, ECP.

Photo of Deirdre Collins

Deirdre has been a core trainer on the Integrative Bodywork Course since 2001. She has a career long interest in the link between the body and the unconscious in the therapeutic process. She has facilitated many training groups over the years.

Deirdre has worked as a psychotherapist for the last 25 years. She has been a partner in the Integrative Psychotherapy Practice since 2001 where she maintains a private practice as a psychotherapist and supervisor.

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