Renting Room Space

We provide rooms for individual work in a pleasant and peaceful setting.

  • Parking is generally available subject to parking fee.
  • The Luas is within ten minutes walk - Cowper Road.
  • Regular bus service from city centre – approx. twenty minutes.

What is required?

Photo of Reception

A basic agreement is signed between IPP and the therapist renting which confirms the time and room and allows one month notice of cessation to both.

A person renting will need to provide us with a copy of their current professional insurance.

Rent is paid monthly in advance.

What is included?

  • Inclusion on the website for long term renting.
  • Referrals where appropriate for long term renting - there is no additional fee for this.
  • The IPP address can be used for your professional mail once you are renting.
  • A separate space for therapists to relax between clients.
  • Tea and coffee etc. are provided.


Time Rate
One hour €12
Four hours €11
Over four hours €10

If you are interested in renting room space from us, please contact us by phone or using the email address below: