Psychotherapy Associations

  • IAHIP - Irish Association for Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy
  • IACP - Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • ICP - Irish Council for Psychotherapy
  • EAP - European Association for Psychotherapy


  • Rape Crisis Network Ireland - the Rape Crisis Network (RCNI) is a multi-member political and campaigning organisation committed to the elimination of all forms of sexual violence through effecting political, cultural and social change. Our agenda to effect change is directly provided by the experience and expertise of our member Rape Crisis Centres (RCCs).
  • One In Four - offers a voice to and supportĀ to men and women who have experienced sexual abuse and/or sexual violence and also to their family and friends.
  • Turning Point - Since its foundation in 1986, Turning Point has been the leading centre in Ireland providing psychotherapy and counselling for people affected by bereavement, serious illness and life crises.
  • Tivoli Institute - The Tivoli Institute is involved in education and training primarily in the area of counselling, humanistic psychotherapy, integrative psychotherapy, personal, community and cultural development.
  • Drug Rehab - Addiction
  • Pieta House