Therapists List

All IPP therapists are experienced professionals and accredited with their related associations. The following list gives some background information on each therapist currently working in the practice, all are available for contact.

Deirdre Collins

Qualifications: BA, Hdip ed, dip counselling, dip psychotherapy.
Cert Integrative Bodywork. Cert Supervision.
MIAHIP, MICP, Accredited IAHIP Supervisor.
Approach: Humanistic & Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Integrative Bodywork.
Areas: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma Abuse, Relationship issues, Bereavement/Loss, Bodywork, Supervision, Group Work.
Contact: IPP: 01 4982408 /

Paddy Logan

Qualifications: Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapist.
Approach: Person Centred, Gestalt, Object Relations, Psychodynamic, Bodywork, Bioenergetics
Areas: Abuse, Trauma, Loss, Anxiety, Stress, Panic, Depression, Fear, Internal confusion, OCD, Anger management.
Supervision, Ongoing Professional development, Self Assessment, Group work. Consultancy.
Contact: IPP: 01 4982408 /

Ray Tonge

Qualifications: BA Counselling & Psychotherapy.
Approach: Humanistic & Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Integrative Bodywork.
Areas: General addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Trauma, Abuse, Stress, Panic, Life direction, Fear, Supervision.
Contact: 087-6871861 /

Fintan Corrigan

Qualifications: BA Counselling & Psychotherapy.
Accredited MIACP.
Approach: Humanistic & Integrative, Person Centred.
Areas: Self Esteem, Stress, Anxiety, OCD, Bereavement, Depression, Life Direction, Personal Development, Work related issues, Corporate Counselling.
Contact: 087-2241959

Mary Cotter

Qualifications: BA Counselling and Psychotherapy.
Post Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
Approach: Humanistic and Integrative, CBT, Integrative Bodywork
Areas: Anxiety, Panic, Trauma, Self esteem, Depression, Grief, Life direction. Personal development.
Contact: 087-6555305

Leonie O'Dowd

Qualifications: Psychotherapist. MIACP, MIAHIP, ECP.
Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist (SPI).
Accredited supervisor IACP.
Approach: Humanistic and Integrative, Sensorimotor
Areas: General life issues, sexual abuse, rape, trauma, anxiety, depression.
Contact: 086 3669810

Eileen Ridgway

Qualifications: BA, Dip. Psychotherapy.
Cert Integrative Bodywork.
CBT Restorative Justice Training.
Accredited MNAPCP.
Approach: Humanistic and Integrative, Person Centred. Integrative bodywork
Areas: Loss, Bereavement, Relationships, Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Low self esteem, Trauma.
Sliding fee scale available.
Contact: 086-1014409

Angela Fox

Qualifications: Psychotherapist.
BSc. Psychotherapy and Counselling.
Approach: Humanistic & Integrative, Integrative Bodywork.
Areas: Depression, Trauma, Relationship Issues, Sexual Abuse, Loss, Personnel Development, Self Esteem Issues. Sliding fee scale available.
Contact: 086-3531062 /

Michael McGuinness

Qualifications: Psychotherapist.
B.Sc. Counselling & Psychotherapy.
Accredited Member IACP.
Associate Member APPI & IPAA.
Approach: Integrative, Psychodynamic / Psychoanalytical, Existential.
Areas: Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Abuse, Anger Management, OCD, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Bereavement / Loss, Self Esteem, Relationship & Attachment Issues, General Life Issues.
Contact: 086-8914834 / /
Low Cost slots may be available upon request.

Teresa (Tess) Lawless

Qualifications: M.A. Psychotherapy.
Accredited MIAHIP.
H. Dip. Counselling and Psychotherapy.
M.Sc Work and Organizational Psychology.
B.Sc Psychology.
Post Grad Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
Approach: Humanistic, Psychodynamic & Integrative.
Areas: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Bereavement, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem, General life issues.
Contact: 087-9079430 /