IPP is an established psychotherapy practice in Dublin city south and provides individual psychotherapy for adults covering a wide range of areas.

All IPP therapists are widely experienced and accredited with their relevant professional bodies. IACP. IAHIP. NAPCP. ICP.

Providing counselling and psychotherapy for individuals

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Areas include mental and emotional health concerns causing anxiety, depression, stress.

Personal issues linked to difficult or traumatic life experiences, depression, bereavement and grief, abuse, shame, anxiety disorders, lack of self confidence, internal fear and confusion, panic attacks and post traumatic stress symptoms.

Low cost counselling

IPP provide low cost counselling services, making counselling accessible for everyone. Find out more about our low cost counselling service here

Professional development for therapists (CPD)

IPP offer a range of professional development courses for psychotherapy practioners to enhance ther skill sets.

Introductory Weekends - The Body within the Theraeutic Relationship
The Body within the Therapeutic Relationship - Postgraduate
Enhanced Skills and Theory Modules

Room space

Room space is available to rent in our premises for individual client work. We offer a pleasant environment to operate from as well as added benefits such as tea and coffee facilities, inclusion on the website, postal address and more.

For further information on rates and benefits, visit our room rental page

Code of Practice

IPP is committed to Humanistic and Integrative codes of ethics and practice. Each therapist holds professional insurance and is accredited or affiliated with the relevant professional bodies and associations.

Referral options for clients

If we cannot provide you with a suitable appointment we will gladly discuss and arrange a referral.

If you are considering counselling for the first time, please read the FAQ section.
For detailed information on the courses we offer, please read the courses section.